Product Name:  Very Berry Flavored Dark Sweet Cranberries with 100% Juice

Date:  7/30/2014

Product Code:

6105- 20 lb Cartons

Product Description:  CRANSATIONS TM are made from frozen IQF Cranberries.  The IQF sweet cranberries are made by non-chemically balancing the acid concentration with the natural sweetness hidden inside of whole grade A cranberries.  The cranberries are then infused with 100% juice concentrate, and equilibrated to a desired moisture and Brix.  The process conforms to all provisions of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.


Specifications Tolerance
Brix 20 .0  +/- 2.0
Acid 1.00 (+/- 0.30)
Moisture 75 %  (+/- 5)
Flavor and odor Typical of specific product code
Defects Practically free of harmless extraneous plant & insect material. Unusable fruit never to exceed 3%. Conforms to USDA guidelines for Grade A classifications.


Guarantee:  We guarantee that this product is not adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, including Pesticide, Chemical, and Food Additive Amendments to this Act.

Packaging: Enclosed in a non-sealed 1.8 mil low density polyethylene liner (LDPE) inside a corrugated box.

Net Weight: 20 lbs.

Labeling:  All containers shall bear the following information:  Name of product, product code, UPC (if applicable), net contents, manufacture date and/or lot number, and Simply Incredible Foods name and address.


All pallets are individually labeled with Name of Product, pallet number, product code, Gross and net weights, Simply Incredible Foods name and address.

Ingredient Statement:

Cranberries, Pear juice (from concentrate), Apple juice (from concentrate) Pomegranate juice (from concentrate), Blueberry juice(from concentrate), Cherry juice (from concentrate) Natural Flavors

Shipping & Storage Temperatures: Store and Ship at 0 o F.

Expected Shelf Life: Shelf life is at least 24 months from date of production when kept frozen.

Transportation: All trucks used for transporting the material must be clean, dry, and free form conditions that could result in contamination of the raw materials.

Kosher Certification:

CRC (Chicago Rabbinical Council)