Product: Freeze Dried Cranberry Cransations (Apple Cinnamon)


General Description: CRANSATIONS TM  are made from IQF cranberries which are infused with 100% juice concentrate and have been freeze-dried. Product is produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices and conforms in all respects to the provisions of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.


Ingredients: Cranberries, Pear juice (from concentrate), Apple juice (from concentrate), Natural Apple Cinnamon Flavor


Microbiological Specifications:

Assay Tolerance Method Reference
Total Viable Count or Aerobic Plate Count 50,000/g maximum Tempo TVC (AOAC 966.23)
Coliform 100/g maximum Tempo CC (AOAC 966.24)
E.coli Tempo EC (AOAC 966.24)
Yeast and Mold 5000/g maximum Tempo Y&M (FDA-BAM 7th Ed)
Salmonella Negative/ 25g Vidas SLM (AOAC 996.08)
Staph Coagulase (+) Tempo STA (AOAC 975.55)


Physical requirements:

Moisture: 4% maximum

Free of any foreign material

Color Defect: 5% maximum


Organoleptic Tests:

Flavor: Typical, no off flavor

Color: Typical of Cranberries



20 lbs. in a vacuum sealed, nitrogen flushed foil bag that is heat sealed and placed in a corrugated box. Product should be in the original sealed container. Keep unused product tightly closed at recommended storage conditions.


Storage & Shelf Life:

Store in a cool dry place; ≤ 65% RH

Greater than 12 months if stored at or below 40°F in a sealed container.